29 September 2016

Our team are more than happy to assist you in meeting this requirement.

A Pre-Employment medical examination gives a baseline health assessment before a worker begins employment. The examination assists risk management and helps to identify whether a worker is medically suitable in the role they are applying.

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08 September 2016

There's nothing worse than being out of your usual stomping ground and in need of a doctor.  -One that isn't too busy to see you and perhaps most importantly, one you can trust.  At MC Medical & Dental we want to be your go-to centre so that the next time you're stuck thinking "I need a doctor near me NOW" you can call us and we'll get you sorted with our next available appointment.

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08 September 2016

Some people ask why we have both dental and medical in the same location.  But it makes a lot of sense.  It's not like having an animal vet and a human doctor in the same location (Now THAT would be odd!)  Doctors and dentists both have a high level of training and expertise in caring for the overall health of your body.

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About us

MC Medical & Dental clinic is located in the heart of Docklands, right near Melbourne's bustling city. The clinic is fully equipped to help with health and dentistry needs. Our friendly doctors truly care about your health and wellbeing.

You can book your medical or dentist appointments online.  


General Consultations
On-site pathology
Health assessments
Diabetes management
Skin checks


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